The best URL Shortener bitly and alternative

Peace and mercy of God

In this topic, I present to you the best site for shortening links and tracking their statistics.

Cutx site, the site provides everything for free and all the tools that it contains is free. The surprising thing is that it is better than all other sites as it provides complete statistics and very accurately.

We mention from the features of the site the following:

Shortcut box for quick links to the home page for visitors and members
The ability to register on the site and fully manage your account and links
It has an integrated Android application to shorten links directly from any application or browser
Add-ons for all browsers to shorten the link of the page you are on or any link inside the pages
Very short links
Comments system for your links
Unlimited number of links
Unlimited number of packages
Password protect your links
Very advanced analytics
Integrated control panel with API support
And we mention the characteristics of the control panel:

The dashboard has a blazingly short link box available
General statistics for each month separately, and total statistics for your account and daily statistics
Manage your links and browse their statistics completely
Manage your own link packages to create groups of links
Full statistics based on (geographical location, referrals, browsers, operating system, language, devices, phones) separately.
Developer Tools:
And through it, you can generate codes, software and tools to deal with the many links or convert all the links at once, from a text file or on your site …… and a lot more

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